Thursday, May 23, 2019

Using leftovers!

Some of you may remember this card - sorta. I couldn't find the stamp set when I set down to use up the leftovers cards that I had prepped for a gathering.  So, I wound up improvising!  Voila!  A happy birthday card here.  And there's more . . .
What a happy little accident!  

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Sympathy card - three ways

I sent this card to the daughter and family.  The stamp set is from Papertray Ink (PTI).  It's more complicated than I realized - but it does work rather well.  
In this try I had some trouble with the leaves.  But it just makes it look more watercolored or something - the overall effect is still great.  I sent this one as a thank you to the person who took us to/from the airport.

This one is possibly my favorite even though it was the first one.  I made this one a variation by extending the leaves on the right hand side.  This variation was encouraged by a blob of yellow ink on the card front that I needed to hide.  Inside the sentiment is "Be Brave".  I absolutely love the large silk ribbon.  

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Next Open Stamping technique

I'm using the stamp of the month for April for the Open Stamping on 4/28.  This will be the last one before I travel up to Minnesota.  I'm hoping to see my friends one more time before I go!  

I stamped and heat embossed on vellum for the butterflies.  Then I colored them with the Shin Han (alcohol) markers and cut them out.  They were adhered to the card front with just a sliver of tape adhesive under the center of the body so that the wings could be lifted.  The stamp set also had a nifty, small diagonal stripe border that I stamped in three different colors.  I added a small twine to cover up the small gap between the Blossom and Sugarplum borders.  The thanks is also in the same stamp set and I used Bluebird, but will use Carolina next time since it's just a little softer.  

Hope you like it!  

We were in a death-watch for several weeks and finally went to the funeral (Steve performed with the Bishop of New Hampshire).  It was a very close friend of Steve's (50+ years) and his family was there.  I feel so close to his widow, Susanne.  She is one of those people who make you feel instantly loved.  Our time together this visit was short, but we packed in a lot of story telling and as much laughter as possible.  

As always, it's good to be home.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Kitty sitters thank you note

The children across the street agreed to be my kitty sitters over the 6 days we were gone for a funeral.  I made a quick card with a fluffy image of a cat - and tucked some money inside for them.  I wrote the card as if I was Bilbo (my kitty) so it's really very cute!  

Stamps are from CTMH, but the gingham paper is Doodlebug.  

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Case of Laurel Seabrook and an attempt at a new technique

I don't know if you've heard, but Arizona had quite a storm over the weekend past and we got lots of snow - even on the lower elevation mountains that surround the "Valley of the Sun".  They were magically beautiful!  

Laurel Seabrook made several cards with a new CTMH hostess set that has this cute bear!  I tried to copy - but I was also thinking I wanted to do a technique where you use the Hot Shot to emboss a template.  I did it with a cloud template - but it didn't really show up over the beautiful Carolina blue cardstock (lighter side).  Then, I decided to add Frosted Lace Stickles to the depressions of the clouds (i.e. inside).  That almost worked.  Not knowing how to adhere everything and not have all that adhesive showing, I came up with the stitched rectangle frame (new from CTMH).  The stitched hills are from the decorative borders set of thin cuts.  Got SNOW? is what everyone in AZ was asking each other over the weekend!  LOL

Superstition Mountains just East of Mesa, AZ  2/23/2019

Monday, February 25, 2019

CASE of one of Anna Wight's cards

Anna Wight is an artist that I MUCH admire!  I decided to try to case her card with this little chickadee (my favorite bird).  First, I die cut a branch with a small bird sitting on it.  I cut the bird off - since I planned to stamp the Chickadee.  Then I colored both the leaves and branches with my Shin Han alcohol markers.  I will probably turn it over and color both sides next time just to help get all the edges covered.  After it was dry (a minute) I went back over the leaves with a center vein. 

The Chickadee was stamped with Intense Black (hybrid) ink.  I am getting to prefer this one over Momento (can you believe it?!)  After it was dry I used watercolor pencils to add the golden and brown colors to the birdie.  I found one scrap of music paper in a basket (deep!) and used it for the background.  I have beautiful music stamps for backgrounds, but after checking Evernote, I realized that they are in MN.  So, going on, I used saddle brown CTMH ink to age the paper a bit, glued the branch and leaves directly to the design paper and popped the bird up on 3M adhesive foam tape.  The button and twine are "signature" embellishments of Anna's but she is much better than I am at getting the proportions right!  I'm blaming this one on my disabled hand!

The hand story - I've had increasing pain in my left hand.  No biggie, right?  Wrong.  I'm left handed.  So when I finally got fed up with it, I went to the doctor who took x-rays and sent me to Physical Therapy.  They did all sorts of measurements, declared me officially ambidextrous (praise God!) and put my left hand in a splint.  I can do most things, but I found it very hard to tie the little twine into anything!  So, no small bows or knots for me for awhile.  Next steps, joint injection with cortisone, then twice more maybe, then surgery.  (Ugh!)

Don't abuse your hands.  When they are tired, take a break.  Believe me - I totally underestimated how much I use them!

Saturday, February 16, 2019

New Cactus stamps

I used this card to teach some techniques at our last Open Stamping day (Jan. 24th).  

1.  I used a piece of printer paper to do an un-even (hilly?) tear and use the paper to mask the card so I could add Cashmere ink with a dauber brush.

2.  I used another brush to add Canary yellow to the upper right hand corner (sun?) and carried it out across the card a bit.  

3.  I stamped the cacti with the new archival black CTMH ink.

4.  I colored both cacti with the lighter Shin-Han alcohol ink marker, and when that color was dry, I went over the spines of the sahuaro with the next darker green.  For the prickly pear, I made little doodle circles all over the cactus giving it a mottled look.  

5.  The flower was stamped in Raspberry (the May Arts ribbon is Raspberry and Green).

6.  I stamped a potted Aloe on the envelope and just colored the cactus - then stamped Just Saying Aloe.  Very fun!  

In Arizona (where I live most of the time) we can't really have too many cactus/desert plant stamps!  LOL