Sunday, July 21, 2019


This anniversary card is almost a one layer card.  I decided to "indent" the sides a little bit - so I did some masking with post-it notes.  I first stamped the background script in a very light color (Mink).  Then I stamped the doily with Espresso ink on both sides - stopping in the middle (with the post-it notes).  The sentiment banner ties them together and it is lifted on foam adhesive tape.  

It really was simple but I think it looks so elegant!  

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Keeping you in Earnest Prayer

I believe I R&D's this card from Debbie Hughes - Lime Doodle.  She is very talented and her card is perfection!  My card is my first attempt at this technique!  Enuf said. 

I used a flower stencil - and sprayed the back of it with "Pixie Spray".  This gives it a tacky but repositionable adhesion.  What it means is that you can watercolor directly through the stencil without worrying that the stencil will move around!  Brilliant!  I used the old technique of picking ink directly off the ink pad with a watercolor brush (the plastic kind that holds water).  There are at least two colors on the flowers and two on the leaves.  I splattered some ink over the page (the yellow color) and then picked out some iridescent sequins to adhere.  The sentiment was added to a gray design paper and trimmed down.  

This card was signed by the entire family"up north" and sent to Kris. Kris is my husband's sister in law, married to his youngest brother. She is entering hospice care and we needed her to know we are with her.  

My only regret on making this card is that I should have created a card front 1/4 size smaller than the base card.  Then I could have smoothed out the wrinkles somewhat by mounting the piece onto foam tape.  

Monday, July 1, 2019

New CTMH Craft On papers

The Craft On papers are wonderful!  This is the back side of the diagonal blue stripe I used on the last card.  I had a little stash of colored images on my desk and was trying to clean up - it seemed best to just make cards!  So, I'm always in need of a thank you card, or a birthday card, or a sympathy card - well, I set to work!  

I'm pretty happy with how this simple card turned out!

Monday, June 10, 2019

Party Balloons

The CTMH stamp set is current, and it's called Party Balloons!  I got the thin cuts for this also, because I do have trouble cutting perfect circles! This was a rip-off from the image in the new Seasonal Expressions catalog.  Of course, I didn't make it exactly the same, I just tried!  LOL

Ink colors are Pear, Carolina, Nectarine, and Blossom.  The stars were done with Canary.  The design paper is from Craft On.  

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Alcohol Pearl ink background

I HAD to try to create this card after seeing the one Debby Hughes / Lime Doodle made here.  I bought the Ranger set of Sublime, Tranquil (used here) and Intrigue (green, blue and pink).   I also bought alcohol blending solution but I've heard somewhere that a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and methanol / ethanol works too.  I'll try it and report back!  I bought some Yupo paper - it looks like photo paper, does anyone know if photo paper works also?  I used a brush to put blending solution of a portion of the Yupo paper.  I dropped the Tranquil and Sublime inks onto the pre-wetted area and then used a straw to blow it around a bit. You can also tip back and forth to make the colors run.  The Yupo paper made two cards when I cut it in half.  

Debby had decided to use white embossed vellum.  I didn't have her stamp set but used one of a flower arrangement that had open lines from CTMH.  It was a 35 Yr. Anniversary special and I don't believe it's still available so I won't look up the name of it.  

After heat embossing (from the backside!) I let it cool, then fussy cut it out.  I made a small sentiment tag from Pear cardstock and adhered it with foam adhesive tape. As I said before, I made two.  How nice to have two pretty cards ready at hand!  

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Using up some more leftovers!

I'm tired - I need to go to sleep!  It took me five minutes to get the photos arranged properly.  {{deep sigh}}

I used leftover butterflies from the Open Stamping, and colored them with the only markers I have currently in MN.  Arizona must have a PLETHORA of markers because there is drought here!  LOL  Anyway, I think they turned out okay.  The last little photo is the corner of the envelope.  I used Raspberry ink. (love it!).

Personal update - my sinus infection is better but not gone.  I've returned to Yoga and am getting much stronger - it is very exciting!
I cleaned my studio today (don't ask!) and am enjoying knowing where things are located again!  All in all, life is good!

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Using leftovers!

Some of you may remember this card - sorta. I couldn't find the stamp set when I set down to use up the leftovers cards that I had prepped for a gathering.  So, I wound up improvising!  Voila!  A happy birthday card here.  And there's more . . .
What a happy little accident!